At Retromended Vintage Fashion, we are dedicated to bringing unique, quality vintage clothing and accessories to our storefront in the Mills50 District of Orlando, FL and offering a selection of those pieces nationally through our online store. These items, hand selected by owner Brandy Tezak, each contain a story from someone who loved them before they came into the store. It is our hope to help continue their story – to bring them new life and a new home.


Once a piece has been selected, we often mend it by changing buttons, shortening sleeves or moving hems to help make it more wearable today. While we have a deep love for vintage clothing, we love mixing and matching these unique pieces with modern looks to add character, history and style to your everyday wardrobe. If you’re looking for a specific decade, brand or style, the team at Retromended is always happy to talk fashion and guide you through our store. And every Tuesday, our in-house seamstress is available to mend, tailor and reconstruct your favorite vintage pieces.


If you’re local, you likely know that we love our city and that its jammed packed with talented individuals. In an effort to support our community, we carry many local vendors in our shop, host regular art shows and workshops and often participate in pop-up shop events around town. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know about what’s happening in the shop and online.